Lighthouse, moon and sails - 1994 - acrylic - cm 80 x 120 Export - 1974 - oil - cm 50 x 100 Road roller - 1987 - oil - cm 80 x 100 Cranes in Marghera - 1986 - acrylic - cm 70 x 100


"I don't like sunsets on the sea,
a crane in Porto Marghera or a road roller move me more!"

Smoke stacks, traffic lights, lorries, cranes, umbrellas, bicycles, 'briccole' (signposts for navigation), old newspaper kiosks, barges....but also geese, these are the subject of my painting, all those simple, humble objects of everyday life all of us use but you can't see.

Many are the artistic trends of past and present, the painters, places, events that influenced me: Carpaccio and advertising posters, mediaeval murals and American pop art, the doodles of the Arabian world and the geometric abstractionism of P. Mondrian, the use of colour in north European towns and in Byzantine mosaics, illuminated codices and comics, futurism and design...put all this in a shaker, shake and you get my painting.

I love making things easier, more simple to reach their core, I draw as few lines as possible but very marked so that I don't obtain the depicted object but its inner essence; I can easily pass from painting to advertising graphics.